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9 Arch Bridge

This was built during the British Colonial period in Sri Lanka. This massive bridge is built entirely of solid rocks, bricks and cement without using a single piece of steel. The bridge was finally commissioned in 1921.

Lipton's Seat

This is a popular look-out place which is Located in the Poonagala hills; for Sir Thomas Lipton (the great tea pioneer) surveying the surrounding region of his tea plantations at Dambatenna near Haputale.

Rawana Waterfall

Rawana waterfall is about 5km away on the road south through Ella Gap. There are quite spectacular and is a great answer to the travelers whom are expecting astonishment.

Adisham Bungalow

This historical bunglow was built by an English aristocrat and planter Sir Thomas Villiers, former Chairman of George Steuart Co, a trading and estate agency based in Colombo in year 1931.

Ella Gap

Ella is situated in the middle of beautiful countryside, with small vegetable plots in the valleys, tea plantations on the hill slopes and forests on the tops. The Ella Gap allows views across the Southern plains of Sri Lanka.

Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a National Park situated in the highlands of Sri Lanka which is covered by lush grassland and cloud forest. Among this you can arrive to the World's End and Baker's Fall.

Other places to visit

Other than the above places here you can explore other historical places like Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya (Temple), 'Dowa' temple, Buduruwagala Rock Carving, Bogoda Bridge. Also you can enjoy in the nature with natural waterfalls named Dunhinda, Bambarakanda as well as national parks called Yala, Bundala and udawalawe for safari to see elephants and leopards, bird watching and spectacular places like Lipton seat and ect...